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ACOSS Home Study Report (HSR) Application Procedures

Adoption, it’s a loving choice. If you are considering adoption, you will be able to get more information regarding adoption in Singapore at the portal:


You will also be able to get detailed information by attending Pre Adoption Briefings conducted by MSF accredited agencies. The Pre-Adoption Briefing (PAB) is held to inform prospective adopters of the process and eligibility criteria of adoption in Singapore. Issues related to adoption such as rights and responsibilities of adoptive parents and needs of adoptive child, will also be discussed.  All prospective adopters are required to attend the Pre Adoption Briefing before starting on their adoption journey. Registration for a Pre Adoption Briefing can be done at the adoption portal:


After attending the PAB, you can register for a Home Study Report at the adoption portal. The agencies conducting the HSR will indicate the estimated waiting time for the first appointment after your complete submission of all required documentations.


Prospective Muslim adopters who are interested in a match for a Muslim child may write in to ACOSS at after they have received a favourable HSR. They will then be placed on ACOSS waiting list and will be contacted when there is a Muslim baby put up for adoption.

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