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Marriage Preparation Course
Enhanced Cinta Abadi- (Long Term Visit Pass)
For Married Couples

Marriage Preparation Course


Useful and must be learnt by every muslim brides and grooms before marriage.                        
- Arafath Sheik Dawood,India

I felt I gained a lot from this sessions and that I’m ready.

- Mark Rawiri Whillis, Australia

Very professional and obviously well informed and experienced facilitator. Lots of very good advice.

- Hans Erik Liss, Sweden

Able to go to the next step with a lot of faith and I wish all couples to have such course before getting married.

- Mohd Irfan Roth, France

 I found it very inspirational. Opened my mind to how to treat my future wife the right way. The course is perfect the way it is. I sincerely loved the practical examples and the in depth interview of our lives revealed much of our personalities.
- Willem T Kruythoff @Adam, The Netherlands

A very enriching and educational interaction with a professional and knowledgeable counsellor, the course went beyond my expectations.
- Mohd Shawn Eric Abdullah, Singapore

Have found the course to be very beneficial and eye opening. InsyaALlah this will be beneficial towards building our lifes together.
- Mohd Rafiq s/o Abd Rasheed, Singapore

Saya dapat mempelajari lebih tenteng alam ornag berumatangga, sebelum dan sesudah. Cara bagaimana kita hendak menggelakkan penceraian, membuat huraian dan bagaimana hendak memahami pasangan kita dengan cara yang berbeza. 
- Perserta Apkim Feb 2012, Singapore.

It’s an eye opener. Actually realise what I need to focus and improve, and there’s more to marriage actually. 
- Munirman Abd Manaf, Singapore

Very impactful session which made me realise the beauty of Islam.
- Nurkartina Sa’don Tan, Singapore

After going for this courses, I found out what would make the marriage meaningful and the precaution to take to avoid divorce. Dengan kursus kita boleh membina mahligai yang bahagia.
 - Apkim Participant  Feb 2012 - Singapore

It really guides us, in all the aspect of the new married life. 
- Aiman Nezondet, France

Kesan yang amat positif. Membuka minda/meluaskan pemikiran tentang isu-isu yang akan ditangani.
- Nur Hafizah Khalid, Singapore

Kesan refleksi terhadap diri sendiri bersama pasangan untuk melangkah ke alam rumahtangga sungguh berkesan!
- Ahmad Musabbiq Che Omar Singapore

The session provide me with insights on how best to tackle the different attributes between men and women. On how as a wife I could further assist to build and sustain a marriage life and family. In addition the session on finance is very beneficial as well as it help us to better plan our finance for the future.                                    
- Suhaila Yahya, Singapore

Selepas menjalani kursus ini, saya sedar bahawa perkhawinan ini bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah.  Banyak lagi perkara yang harus lagi saya dan pasangan saya fikirkan sebelum meneruskan perkhawinan.  Namun kursus ini banyak menolong saya dan pasangan saya dalam mengatasi masalah-masalah yang akan dilemparkan di masa depan. Memberi saya dan pasangan saya untuk bersiap sedia untuk mrnghadapi alam perkhawinan,. Terima Kasih.
- Peserta Apkim Feb 2012- Singapura

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