For Individuals

  1. Personal Counseling ($120/1 hr session)
    Sometimes we may want a professional to discuss and figure a way out of what is happening around us. APKIM provides a safe and conducive space for individuals who wants a counselling session to talk about matters that are important. Be it about stress, anxiety, anger, workplace, parenting, marital or any others, our approachable Counselors will be available for you.

  2. Quit Smoking ($250/program)
    Ever tried to quit smoking but finds it too hard? Our Quit Consultants are trained to help you in your journey to cut down smoking until you are ready to Quit completely. As ex-smokers who have Certification for Quit Smoking Consultant levels 1 and 2, APKIM knows the challenges you are facing and will be able help you through our 5 Points System Program where we will be with you in your journey to cut down n your smoking.

    Why do it with us?
    We have worked with the Health Promotion Board in providing Quit Consultant services since 2009. We have helped hundreds of successful individuals who have managed to quit smoking and thousands others who have managed to cut down. Until today, our Consultants are giving talks and run programs at various workplaces and agencies. With our extensive experience, we will be able to share our system that can help you in your Quit Smoking journey.

    5 Points System Program is our signature Quit Smoking program to help smokers cut down their smoking. Participants will be meeting up/contacted by our Consultants over 5 sessions in the program. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach, our Consultants will work with you in your quit smoking journey.

  3. Fardu Ain Sessions
    Looking for coaching in matters of farduain? We provide sessions to help you start practising the 5 pillars again. Contact us to know more, if we have a sufficient number of requests, we will start a class at APKIM, otherwise, we will be able to direct you to an existing class. 

About Us

APKIM RESOURCES was founded by Almarhum Ustaz Abu Bakar Hashim, a renowned Singaporean Community activist who had retired from the position of the President of the Syariah Court.
Address: 2 Kallang Ave CT HUB 1 #09-14 Singapore 339407
Telephone: 65 6295 1011

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